Rugby League Bets

Rugby League bets are easy to place online. More and more people are discovering how fast, convenient and exciting it is to bet on Rugby League matches from home.

Here's a list of popular Rugby League bets:

Outright Results

A bettor predicts which team will win a match or the championship. Popular Rugby League events include the Australian National Rugby League, State of Origin and Super League.

First Scoring Play

The bettor chooses how the first score will be made - whether it's a try, a goal or a field goal. This type of bet is available per half.

First Team to Score

The bettor simply selects which team scores first. This type of bet is available per half.

Exact Winning Margin

The bettor simply selects the exact winning margin of a team.

In addition to these popular Rugby League bets, there are other Rugby League bets that should be considered like:

  • half-time margin
  • highest scoring half
  • total points (whether odd or even)
  • first team to a certain number of points