Australian Rules Football Bets

Placing online Australian Rules Football bets is so easy. A lot of folks have discovered how fast, convenient and exciting it is to bet on footy matches from home.

Here's a list of Australian Rules Football bets available:

Bet on the Winner

To bet on the winner of an Australian Rules Football event, simply choose which team you think will win according to the list of teams and their corresponding odds.

Bet on the First Scoring Play

To bet on the first scoring play of an Australian Rules Football match, simply choose how the first score will be made (whether it's a goal or a behind made by a particular team). In many online sportsbooks, this type of bet is available per quarter.

Bet on the First Team to Score

To bet on the first team to score, simply select which team you think will make the first score in a particular match. This type of bet is available per quarter in many online sportsbooks.

Bet on the Exact Winning Margin

To bet on a exact winning margin of a team in a particular match, simply select what you think will be exact winning margin of the team you like.

In addition to these popular Aussie Rules bets, there are other footy bets that should be considered like:

  • half-time margin bet
  • highest scoring quarter bet
  • total points bet (whether odd or even)
  • first team to 25 points bet
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