Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules Football, also known as Australian Football, Aussie Rules or Footy, is a variation of football. It is played outdoors on large oval-shaped grass fields between two teams of 18 players, plus four interchange players.

Like American Football, Australian Rules Football uses a ball in the shape of a prolate spheroid.

The object of Australian Rules Football is to score points by passing or kicking the ball between the posts. Naturally, the team which scores the more number of points wins the match.

Kicking the ball between the two middle and taller posts scores a goal and is worth six points. Kicking or passing the ball between the two shorter outer posts scores a behind which is worth one point.

A goal umpire decides whether a goal or behind is scored. If the goal umpire points both of his index fingers in front of him and then waved two flags above his or her head then a goal has been scored. If the goal umpire points only one finger and waved only one flag, then a behind is scored.

A result of an Australian Football Rules match would read something like:

Geelong 24.19 (163) def. Port Adelaide 6.8 (44)

This means Geelong scored 24 goals and 19 behinds for a total of 163 points (24 x 6 + 19 = 163) and defeats Port Adelaide which score 6 goals and 8 behinds for a total of 44 points (6 x 6 + 8).

An Australian Rules Football match is divided in to four quarters and a timekeeper officiates their duration. In professional Australian Football, quarters are 20 minutes long.

The Australian Football League (AFL)is the de facto world governing body for Australian Rules Football.

The AFL has two main competitions: the pre-season competition, known as the NAB Cup, and the main competition called the Toyota AFL Premiership Season which starts in late March.

There are 22 rounds in the regular season; followed by the finals series and the AFL Grand Final in September. Currently, there are 16 teams from around Australia participating in the AFL.

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